ADMIRAL JAMES T. - The Darkside Of The Moonboots - CD
Der Admiral macht keine alte Musik, sondern neue Musik in altem Anzug. Und dies seit 12 Jahren. Sein 7. Album stellt nun den Schlusspunkt in dieser Tradition dar, denn der Anzug ist nun definitiv zu alt. Ein letztes mal hat man nun also die Möglichkeit, diese Mischung aus 50's-Rock'n'Roll, 60's-Psychedelik, 70's-Punk und 80's-Wave zu hören und bestaunen. Die 18 brandneuen zukünftigen Tophits zeigen den mittlerweile leicht übergewichtigen Admiral in bestem Licht, bevor sich der Vorhang schliesst. Zwischen Arbeiten als Produzent, zahlreichen Konzerten, Award-Verleihungen und Hörstürzen hat sich Admiral James T. immer wieder in seinem Studio eingeschlossen, und dabei ist ein Album entstanden, welches klingt als hätte Syd Barrett zuviel Kaffee anstatt LSD konsumiert - starken Kaffee!


Admiral James T. exists since 1994, and even without the sea he has mastered many dangers with guitar, bass, organ, drums and a thousand voices. He moved from storm to shallow waters and back, always with the mission to find the most beautiful pearls of pop and to recover the Beatles from their Yellow Submarine. Admiral James T. is the alternative to modern popmusic nowadays. No computer doin’ all the sounds, just one man. Admiral James T. aka David Langhard plays nearly all the instruments mankind knows and that's how he builds his own band. This way he's able to play the music he wants to; his ideas are interpreted genuinely. Whether pop, rock'n'roll, country, punk or whatever - it's never a compromise. That Admiral James T. is still willing to compromise shows the list of the bands he takes or took part of. Among others he plays or played with ZlotyMachine, John Lenin, El Watusi, Guz & die Averells, les Congélateurs, Peacocks, Horrible Hannah, Los Spunos, Neutral Zone, the Correlators, Nordpol McCartney. The whole list of records from the musician born in 1976 needs about a paper of format A2, because he can be heard on over 30 MC's, CD's and LP's. And now, 11 years after his first tape, his sixth full length album "The Dark Side Of The Moonboots" is released on Leech Records. Definitly his most mature piece of work, he could stop making music and spend the rest of his life somewhere in Florida. But he won’t, ‘cause he’ll have to earn money to pay the bail that Sting’s judges will set on him.

Miles Away From Anywhere  
Raving About Myself  
Everyone? Reelin  
Riverside Queen  
I Saw Her There  
Big Time Everywhere  
Dead Girl  
Made Of Mistakes  
Die In The Gutter  
Something To Achieve  
Brand New Suitcase  
It Ain't Time For You To Die  
Where You Can't Be Seen  
The Tip Of The Barrel  
I know Where The Door Is  
Analyze It  
High UP On His Tide  
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