Leech Records was started in a corner of Benno Riedmannís bedroom in 1996. With a huge heart for ska, punk and psychobilly and great energy and passion he brought Leech Records to what it is today: one of Europeís top ska labels with an impressive punk, hardcore and psychobilly roster, too.

From 2003 LEECH Records and REDDAagency joined forces and became the Swiss punk and ska mafia until 2010.

Today LEECH MUSIC provides to the alternative music scene:

Switzerlandís biggest online shop for alternative music and merch: punk, steetpunk, ska and reggae, hardcore and metal, oi! and psychobilly and tons of nice brands: www.leech-shop.ch

A record label focussed on ska and punk, distributed throughout Europe and available worldwide.

A record label focussed on supporting upcoming Swiss bands.

From time to time we promote shows in a wide spectrum of alternative music: Punk, hardcore and metal, psychobilly, streetpunk and ska, indie- and alternative-rock.

...And not to forget the Leech Website & Newsletter featuring news and selected shows from Switzerland's Alternative music scene.